A Guide on How to Trim Your Mustache

A Guide on How to Trim Your Mustache

If a thick, majestic beard exudes rugged vibes, then a dapper, well-groomed mustache is a beard’s perfectionist cousin.

We love a brawny, lengthy beard here at Zeus Beard and we know it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain one, but we equally love an eccentric, yet precise mustache — handlebars, walruses, horseshoes, chevrons, pencils and imperials, etc.

If you’re someone that’s been thinking about growing a mustache or someone that needs a few tips to keep theirs in check, this post will be focusing on how to get your facial hair looking right.

We’ll be giving you the basics on how to trim your ‘stache, but if there’s a particular style you’re going for, our guide will get you on your way there.

How to Trim Your Mustache

First thing’s first, let’s start off with a fresh slate. Grab some beard shampoo and conditioner and get your facial hair clean and soft. Check out this starter kit if you’re just getting into beard/mustache growing.

Once is nice and dry, grab a mustache comb and brush out your mustache in the direction you want the hairs to fall.

PRO TIP: Give your mustache a brush every day to train it. Just like training a dog, you have to tell your facial hair what to do in order for your beard or mustache to look its best. You’ll thank us later.

Before you get to trimming, we highly suggest grabbing a beard apron to gather the hairs you’ll be trimming. The Zeus Facial Hair Trimming Catcher Bib features suction cups that easily attach and detach from a mirror to create a landing area for your hairs. So instead of clogging your sink, you can dispose of all your trimmings in a trash can when you’re done.

After you’ve combed your ‘stache, use a pair of high-quality beard scissors and lubricate it with a few drops of beard oil. That will help the scissors from sticking while you’re trimming, plus it gives your facial hair an extra dose of protection.

If you’d like, you can use an electric razor — while using a guide comb — to trim you facial hair, but we like using scissors because it allows for better control and precision. There’s no undo button if you accidentally take too much off.

Keeping your face as relaxed and neutral as possible — this helps with keeping things even — trim from the middle of your mustache and work your way to the edges. Trim your facial hair to your desired length and style, and comb your mustache every once in a while during this process to ensure you all your hair exposed while you trim.

Zeus Beard How to Trim Your Mustache

If you want to take your grooming to another level, use a high-quality safety razor to trim the hair below your nose to give your mustache a definitive, crisp line.

Also, if you have a beard, don’t forget to give it a trim if you want to give your mustache more definition.

Once you’re content with how your mustache looks, treat it with some refined beard oil to moisturize your facial hair and skin. Then use mustache wax — we have one for medium hold and another for extra firm hold — to style your ‘stache to your liking, or rock it without any additional product.

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