Travel Beard Brushes: Which Bristle Type and Stiffness Is Right For Me?

Travel Beard Brushes: Which Bristle Type and Stiffness Is Right For Me?

Here at Zeus Beard, we give you the tools to be the boss of your beard and moustache.

It’s important to treat your facial hair with the respect it deserves, so stop using your fingers to comb your beard and step up to one of our premium, German-made brushes.

Using a brush with the right bristle allows you to effectively untangle your beard, remove dirt and evenly distribute beard oils that help moisturize and strengthen your facial hair and skin.

We offer five styles of brushes with a selection of bristle types, and in this post we’ll be focusing on our pocket beard brush —the grooming tool that you’ll take with you when you’re on the go.

At 3.5-inches long, our pocket beard brush is a light, pocketable and mighty tool that allows you to keep your facial hair in check throughout the day. 

Zeus Pocket Beard Brush N92


For those with a short to medium-length beard, we recommend using the Zeus Pocket Beard Brush N92, which is outfitted with second-cut, 100% soft boar bristles.

Each bristle plug is filled with individual boar hairs cut to different lengths to help tame inner beard hairs while polishing the outer ones, as well as getting rid of any dirt. 

Housing those bristles is a contoured, warp-resistant pear wood handle that is easy to maneuver and gives the brush a classic look. 

Zeus Pocket Beard Brush N91 


If your beard is long or thick, the choice for you is the Zeus Pocket Beard Brush N91, which features first-cut, 100% firm boar bristles.

Just like its softer counterpart, the N91 excels at removing dirt while shining and controlling your beard or mustache.

The difference comes down to the bristles, which are stiffer and have rounded tips that massage the skin for irritation-free brushing.

Zeus Pocket Beard Brush N73- Tampico Bristle


And for those looking for a vegan option, we got you. Introducing our Zeus Pocket Beard Brush N73, which uses sustainable and natural Tampico fibers.

What is Tampico? It’s a fiber made from a cactus-type plant native to Mexico called ixtle. Its leaves are harvested before fibers are extracted, dried and cut to desired length to form a medium-firm bristle. 

While some use dyed Tampico in their products, we opted to go au naturel with our brushes, so it’s just your beard and these plant-based bristles. 

The medium-firm stiffness is great for those that have long or thick beards, and like our boar-bristle alternatives, it is great at removing dirt and taming your facial hair. 

We also decided to house the Tampico bristles in a dark walnut wood body, which is just as durable and warp resistant as our brushes that use pear wood.

And just a heads-up, the Tampico fibers have a vegetal scent to them, but that smell should dissipate with use. 

If you’re looking for a heartier brush, check out this post for our military and palm brushes. 

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