Grooming Tools

Grooming Tools - Beard Brushes, Beard Combs, and Trimming Aprons

A godly beard can only be forged with the right grooming tools—tools that we just happen to have here at Zeus. From our genuine boar bristle beard brushes to our natural horn beard combs, we've got a whole arsenal of men's grooming products that'll enable you to tame your facial hair with a resounding flourish.

Each tool is thoughtfully designed and crafted with your beard and mustache in mind. Our beard brushes only use boar bristle, a material that is stiff enough to detangle and manipulate the most unruly thickets of hair yet soft enough to leave your beard hairs free from split ends and breakage. Our beard and mustache combs utilize cellulose acetate or genuine horn, which also are very gentle on beard hairs.

In addition to our beard brushes and combs, we have plenty of trimming tools including our beard bib trimming aprons, the Edge Up beard shaping template, and Dovo-crafted stainless steel scissors. Need help finding a tool that'll take your beard to a godly level? Feel free to contact us at 800-721-2723 or by e-mail at for some expert assistance!